Weddings during the pandemic

As the pandemic settled here to stay, brides and grooms across the country certainly felt the repercussions of the Covid-19 restrictions with cancellations and continuous postponements! Wedding planners were faced with what felt like a never ending challenge, dealing with an unstable industry. I felt lucky that I could adapt my business to suit the new environment. I started offering garden parties as an alternative venue for wedding celebrations, in the comfort and safety of my clients own homes. One Covid-19 wedding stood out to me above the rest and that was a wedding that I had to plan and pull of in just one week!


Covid Wedding

Creating a Covid-19 wedding

Having previously organised the brides hen party in their garden, the couple approached me once again. The couple unfortunately had their wedding cancelled for the third time due to Covid-19. Frustrated with the sheer stress of just trying to get married during Covid-19, they expressed how happy they were with the previous setup and would love to create a garden party for their wedding! It was no easy task however, the first challenge was the limited space in the couples garden. This was solved by the kind offering of a family members garden instead. Having already sent out invites three times, the couple decided to take more of a low key approach by sending out last minute texts to their guests.


Covid wedding

The final result

My range of trusted suppliers worked around the clock to pull through for the tight turnaround on Friday. We used a marquee and stretch tent as structures in the garden. The entrance to the house was transformed using draping, balloons and wedding signs. Guests were greeted with a champagne, hot beverage reception and treats on arrival. We achieved the overall look by hiring in furniture, lighting and décor to suit the couples theme. Additional extras such as draft beer and a glitzy prosecco wall dazzled guests on arrival. As far as Covid-19 weddings go – I think I can say we pulled that one off. Leaving the event with smiles on the couples face made all the last minute stress worth it!